Ruffy Recreation Reserve


Following a public meeting back in May 1955, Mr George Hunter offered 9 acres for a recreation reserve in Ruffy.

This offer was to be provided if £750 (about $1,500) could be raised by public subscription. This money was raised and towards the end of 1955 the land was transferred to the Shire of Goulburn by Mr Hunter and became the property of the people of Ruffy. It was named “Maygar Park” in honour of Mr A E Maygar who had represented Ruffy on the Goulburn Shire Council for many years and who had promoted sport, particularly cricket in the area.

A pavilion was erected and tennis and cricket clubs were given permission to form playing areas. The tennis courts were sealed in 1965 and the oval graded, formed and sown down. The planting of oaks and ornamental trees around the oval also took place.

In the 1980’s further fundraising enabled playground equipment to be erected for children to play on. A diesel generator and electric pump were purchased to pump water from a newly sunk bore, a veranda built on the pavilion which was lined and painted, and a shelter was also built for the tennis players. Sadly the much-loved playground equipment has been removed recently because of new regulations.

There are on-going improvements to the pavilion and surrounding areas and recently picnic benches and tables have been added so the reserve is the perfect spot for a family picnic under the spreading oaks. During the year it hosts gymkhanas and other horse events and social cricket matches in a picturesque English village setting.

The Pavillion and Reserve are available for hire for private functions.


Pamela Sprunt  (President)  03 5790 4240
Bill Eddy (Secretary) – 03 5790 4264
Patricia Paget (Treasurer) – 03 5798 5294