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Healthy Hectares Workshop – Water on your Farm

Owning a small property comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities.

• What attracted you to the area?

• What do you love about your property and what do you want to do with it?

• Do you want a weekender, a hobby farm or a bush retreat?

• How will you manage it and how will those actions affect the area around you?

• Is your property capable of sustaining what you want to do?

This guide and events are designed to assist you in assessing your land and managing it in a way that protects and enhances the natural environment, provides a healthy and safe environment for animals and is appropriate for the time you have available. It will not provide all the answers and we encourage you to seek more detailed advice listed in the reference sections within this guide. We also encourage you to talk to experienced locals to learn from their trials, errors and successes.

Workshop: Water on your Farm

Learn about the following topics; water budgets, water storage, designing a farm water plan, managing water quality and health and protecting waterways.

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