Amelia Rise Donkeys & Hee Haw Hut at Hee Haw Farm


Amelia Rise Donkeys is a small stud run by retired couple John and Deb who fell in love with donkeys a number of years ago when they purchased 2 Irish jennies. Over time our donkey family has increased from 2 jennies, to 13 jennies and one Jack. Periodically we have rescue or relinquished donkeys which can increase our numbers. During foaling season, we have an assortment of beautiful babies.

Amelia Rise Donkeys at Hee Haw Farm is open to the public, so as to give a hands on experienced to all people in the pleasure of donkeys.

In a tour meeting the donkeys, our visitors get a little background knowledge on the history of the donkey, types, sizes, and uses etc. They learn a bit about the donkeys' requirements with regards to diet, socialisation, company, and their health needs, their lifespan and approximate cost of long term care.

Come and meet our beautiful donkeys – all shapes and sizes. Get up close and personal, mingle with the donkeys in their domain. Group bookings by appointment.


Contact - 0412251114