How to Get To Ruffy

Ruffy is located in the Strathbogie Ranges, less than two hours from Melbourne by either the Hume Highway or the Melba Highway.

Suggested scenic drive:

The most spectacular way to drive to Ruffy is by taking the Seymour exit of the Hume Highway and taking Highlands Road out of town. Drive through Whiteheads Creek, before turning left at Hughes Creek Road. This takes through some beautiful countryside along the Hughes Creek, with picnic and swimming spot to be discovered along the way. Continue towards Tarcombe and enter steep granite valleys with dramatic views of the surrounding farmland. It’s along this route that you will pass some iconic Ruffy Granite formations. Continuing along Nolans Road will bring you to the centre of Ruffy, with the Produce store first up on your left. Note that this route has sections of well maintained dirt road.