RCAG Meeting 10/8/2015


General Meeting
August 10th 2015

Minutes of the last meeting- Circulated by email.

General Business:

  1. Container and storage space- (Gerry has been in touch with Cr Mal Little)Landcare container can remain where it is.

  2. Neil Doran will no longer be selling the container but John Furlanetto thought that others would be easily available for around 1500 to 2000 dollars inc transport.

  3. There will be no need for a planning permit-just a building permit which is simpler and for which there is no charge.

  4. Signage- Sub Committee-Fiona Steel et al came up with ideas for the sign-on a low stone wall to match existing wall. Wagon wheel rim will be positioned on wall with metal letters within the rim-cut out by plasma cutter. (Jack Norton will provide timber and arrange fitting on rim and Taffy (Jukes will provide supervision/assistance with the building of the stone wall) Fiona has spoken to the Shire-Mary Townsend) re positioning of sign. Everything will be donated except the metal working which should cost around $250.

Moved-Gerry Ginnivan, Sec David S that the work go ahead. Passed.

Note to ask Peter Saglietti re garden plans, and design.

Fiona-plants are available for next planting stage.

  1. Landcare- Committed to staying at the TCC for the present. There has been little use of the TCC while Simone has been involved with family etc and Janet has had other commitments.

  2. Playground: Working Bee date to work on Playground to be decided at next meeting.

  3. Maintenance: Tap in basin not working well-mens WC, Doors in toilet not closing well, sink in building operational.

  4. Bore- there is quite a bit of Grant money available for the Bore-once this is fixed many of our tap/basin problems should disappear.(John F)

  5. Maintenance- As the Rec Reserve toilets are the designated public toilets for the area TCC toilets not cleaned by Shire, but need to be cleaned by Committee. John F felt that a MOU between TCC and Shire needs to be finalised to see who is responsible for what, although it was also felt by some that the Committee should be responsible.

  6. Hiring Fees- Half Day $25 , Full $50 , for private groups but negotiable for other groups and local organisations. Tea and Coffee made available for larger bookings. (Sally Kubeil-bookings and liaison)

  7. Meeting Dates-To be announced. Second Monday of the month at 7.30pm has been the standard date so far, but this could be amended to –eg Sunday Afternoon at 5pm etc. (Sally now working late Mondays so this could be a hard day)

  8. Meeting Closed 9.05pm.

Jacqui Hagen