RCAG Meeting 13/6/2017

Committee Meeting Minutes:  
Held 13/6/17 – 7:30pm at TCC
27 Nolans Road   Ruffy   3666

Present: Gerry Ginnivan, Melissa McDowall, Don Cook, Fiona Steel, Tony Murphy, Justus Hagan,

Apologies:  Doug Maclean, Cathy Artridge

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved – Fiona Steel.    Seconded – Tony Murphy.   Accepted.


  1. Correspondence In:

  • 12/05/17 Email from Verena Weinmann advising dates for Strathbogie Shire Health & Wellbeing Planning

  • 17/05/17 Email from Kylie Penny regarding yoga matters: heating, TCC rent, upcoming feature in Australian Yoga Life magazine

  • 24/05/17 Countersigned funding agreement from DHHS for shade grant

  • 24/05/17 Email from Henry Wallis, MPP student seeking a TCC contact to discuss models of community management of former state assets

  • 31/05/17 Remittance advice for $2290 DHHS shade grant payment

  • 11/05/17 Email from Erwin Weinmann providing update to 24th May RCAG Minutes


  1. Correspondence Out:

  • 10/05/17 TCC invoice to DHHS for shade grant funds and the signed funding agreement

  • 07/06/17 Email from Gerry to Fred Haig regarding playground upgrade status and next steps


  1. Treasurer’s Report: On file.

$15,764.78 cash at bank as at 13th June 2017 including DHHS shade grant funds of $2290.00.  Fiona will deposit final Bric A Brac payment this week.


Moved – Don Cook.  Seconded – Justus Hagan.  Accepted.


  1. General Business:


Bore & Electrical  – One known outage since last meeting. The Council plumber will perform a complete health check on the bore on 15th June. Travis will lay a slab around the bore site.

Ian Boulton resolved all TCC electrical works and faults, excepting the relocating the hot water system switch.


Massage — Don to invoice Kristy for four all-day bookings @ $50/day.


TCC Sign – Fiona checking status with timber/rock/lettering suppliers and installers.

Bric A Brac –  There were 56 trading days and 24 sellers in the 2016-17 season.

2016-17 Total Sales:                           $7411.80

TCC Commissions & Donations:        $1394.80

Sellers Income:                                  $6017.00


Many thanks to Fiona and her team of volunteers for their valued contribution.


Playground Upgrade – Gerry emailed Fred Haig regarding the project extension and next steps.  Fred confirmed his commitment to completing the project by 31st August.


Health – Melissa will re-send the Committee the email from St John’s Ambulance regarding First Aid training.  The TCC sub-committee will review training options and make a recommendation. Once the recommendation is made, a notice will be placed in The Granite News seeking expressions of interest from the local community regarding attending first aid training, preferred times, etc.


TCC Grounds & Facilities –  Janet to confirm the fence repair contractor and schedule.


Stove – Kara has agree to prepare a kitchen plan.  The committee needs to assess  kitchen requirements.


Shade Grant – The Shade Grant funding $2290.00 has been received.  Fiona to contact Michael Kopanica to remove concrete in courtyard.


Key Register – Ongoing


Volunteer Register – Gerry distributed a form from the Shire that all volunteers are obliged to sign.


Ruffy Community Action Group – Erwin advised that RCAG plan to transition to the Ruffy Community Planning Reference Group, following approval from a community meeting to be held in July or early August.


Mowing – Gerry is waiting for the Shire Council to return his call regarding whether the TCC can be included in the Shire’s mowing roster.


TCC Booking for Music Event – Annabel Hawkins has advised that she will host the event privately.


Shipping Container – Correction: Gerry will eradicate the ant infestation.


Rubbish – Justus will empty the rubbish


Pest-Proofing of Toilets – Tony will present possible solutions at the next meeting.


  1. Next Meeting:

The next TCC Committee Meeting will be held at 7:00pm on Monday 10th July 2017.

Jacqui Hagen