RCAG Meeting 5/2/2017

RCAG Committee Meeting

Tablelands Community Centre

27 Nolans Road, Ruffy, 3666


Committee Meeting Minutes:  Held 5/2/17 – 6:00pm at TCC


Present: Gerry Ginnivan, Melissa McDowall, Don Cook, David Sleigh, Fiona Steel, Cathy Artridge

Apologies:  Justus Hagan, Doug Maclean

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Moved – Melissa McDowall.    Seconded – Don Cook.   Accepted.


  1. Correspondence In:

  • 23/12/16 Letter from DHHS advising revised ShadeGrants schedule

  • 18/01/17 Letter from Energy Australia advising of solar feed-in tariff increase


  1. Correspondence Out:


  1. Treasurer’s Report: On file.

Cash at bank as at 5th February 2017 is $14,237.10 less unpresented cheque 398 for $15.00 plus Energy Australia solar credit for $191.23.  Total funds: $14,413.33.

Further items were presented at the meeting:

  • $25.00 income for sale of “Life On A Sheep Farm” DVDs via Euroa Library

  • $50.00 income for hire of TCC premises

  • Arrears billing for Landcare office rental (3Q/2014 – 1Q/2017) to be invoiced

  • Tony Murphy to pay TCC for 5 bags of cement

  • Two SPF50 shade umbrellas bought for $178.00

  • 20 litre electric urn purchased for $300.00


Moved – Don Cook.  Seconded – Cathy Artridge.  Accepted.


  1. General Business:


Bore & Electrical  – The bore is operating but requires protective housing. David will ask Phil Brown to construct. Don has materials to contribute to the structure.


Bric A Brac – 2016/17 Season opened on 28th October.

  • 28/10/16 – 27/11/16:       Sales:                                   $1986.20

Commissions & Donations:      $  155.20


  • December 2016: Sales:                                        $  00

Commissions & Donations:      $  165.75


  • January 2017: Sales:                                   $1585.40

Commissions & Donations:      $  308.70



Playground Upgrade – Fred Haig supplied recycled soft-fall to act as base.  Awaiting invoice for recycled soft-fall delivery from Michael Kopanica.  Fred may also provide recycled timber formwork.  Gerry to confirm this ASAP.

TCC Sign – Jack Norton to install timber backing. Ford McKernon’s will then cut lettering.


Health Screening – No attendees at 9/12/16 clinic.  Indications are that an evening clinic is preferred. HSRH or alternative suppliers to be approached regarding evening clinics. The Ruffy Playgroup also expressed interest in a tailored health clinic.


Ruffy Playgroup – Renee Drysdale has confirmed Playgroup will be held on the 3rd Friday of each month.  Melissa to suggest to Renee to include Playgroup dates in The Granite News’ notices.


TCC Grounds & Facilities – Council removed the dangerous tree limb within 24 hours of notification. Council’s safety bollards will be placed in TCC container for safe-keeping.


Michael Kopanica will relocate the Landcare shipping container to the TCC slab. Doug to use the bobcat to move the sand heap.


Sofas – The two sofas will be advertised in The Granite News & Euroa Community Facebook – free to a good home!


Stove – Gerry to ask Cara Penhale to draft a cost-effective plan to accommodate the new stove.


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner –  Paul Hamill installed the new unit on 2/2/17.


Shade – Due to delays in Shade Grant process, two shade umbrellas were purchased directly by the TCC to provide protection during current summer period.   DHHS advised new closing date for Round 2 grant submissions is 16th February.


2016 Xmas Tree Party – Very positive feedback overall. Increased number of attendees from previous year. Need to adjust timing to be 30 minutes earlier.


Internet – Gerry to determine status of Ruffy Store wi-fi payments


Local History Project – A display cabinet has been purchased from a local retailer. Cathy advised that a wider community history project is being undertaken.  The TCC’s project will complement this effort.


Key Register – Melissa to account for all TCC keys & to maintain register.


Ruffy Community Action Group – Gerry will attend the next RCAG meeting on 17th February at the Ruffy Hall,


Strathbogie Conversation Café – Gerry will attend this event on 28th February at the Ruffy Hall.




  1. Next Meeting:

The next TCC Committee Meeting will be held at 6:00pm on Sunday 5th March 2017.

Jacqui Hagen