Quarterly Meeting: 5 August 2015, 7.30 pm, TCC Nolans Road, Ruffy


  1. Welcome: The President Erwin Weinmann welcomed everyone to this meeting.

  2. Present: Cathy Artridge, John Furlanetto, Justus Hagen, Kerry Hewlett, David Sleigh, Erwin and Verena Weinmann.

  3. Apologies: Stan Artridge, Cr Colleen Furlanetto, Gerry Ginnivan, Henry Noye, Robbie Rae, Susan Sleigh

  4. Confirmation of Minutes:

The minutes of the May 2015 meeting had been sent out by email and were also tabled at this meeting. They were confirmed, moved by Kerry Hewlett, seconded by Justus Hagen and signed by the President.

  1. Business arising from the minutes:

Financial matters: Some were in connection with the webpage (reported under item 9.5). The invoices from Peter Saglietti (Communications Project) and the TCC (playgroup equipment) had been received and paid for.

Noticeboard: Cathy Artridge summarised the outcome of discussions at the last RCAG meeting. There was good discussion of the likely cost, appropriate size and content of the noticeboard. Cathy Artridge agreed to convene a sub-committee that includes Cr Colleen Furlanetto and Kerry Hewlett to develop an initial proposal for discussion at the next RCAG meeting.

  1. Correspondence:

Out:                9 May                Peter Saglietti (re Invoice)

Treasurer TCC (re Invoice)

Shire of Strathbogie (re Tracks and Trails project)

22 July               Invitations to Cr R. Weatherald and Cr C. Furlanetto

Emails to RCAG members with minutes

In:                                               None

The Secretary moved that correspondence be accepted, seconded by Cathy Artridge.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: (see Appendix)

The Treasurer presented the financial report for the period May to July 2015 (see appendix). The total funds available are $6,381.56 of which $4,685.77 are for the walking track and $300 for remaining work on war monument, leaving $1,695.79 for RCAG. This includes $1,000 for Streetscape (watering system along the main street) deferred from the allocation for 2014/15.

There was some discussion about the relatively high fees charged for cheques, and Justus Hagen volunteered to query the Credit Union regarding this. Kerry Hewlett moved that the Treasurer’s report be received, seconded by Cathy Artridge.

  1. Allocation of Funding for 2015-16:

We expect a similar allocation from the Shire as for last financial year ($6,180). Once we receive confirmation of this allocation, an invoice needs to be issued and an indication given of how the funds will be spent. After some discussion the following allocation was decided:

Administration                  $1,000

Noticeboard                      $2,500

Heater Rec Reserve         $1,000

TCC Bore                            $1,000

TCC Playground                   $500

Unallocated                          $180

Future projects: Justus Hagen mentioned that upgrading the Boathole area had previously been identified as a high priority project. The group agreed that it would be desirable to develop a project outline for this and Justus, Don Cook and Verena Weinmann will form a sub-committee for this purpose. Verena reminded the group that there had still been no action on a proposed Welcome Pack for newcomers to the area. Justus and John Furlanetto informed that the CFA were considering distributing fire preparation information and possibly other relevant information to households, similar to what Violet Town is doing with the ‘Red Buckets’. Justus, with assistance from Cathy Artridge, volunteered to prepare a draft brochure with information to new residents.

  1. Reports from Community Groups:

    • TCC: Justus and David Sleigh reported that the TCC is going well and that the facilities are being well used for a range of activities. The AGM will be held on Monday, 10th

    • Ruffy Hall: Chizia Night to be held Saturday, 8th August; the next RuffArtZ concert will be by Klezmania on 12th

    • Rec Reserve and Adult Riding: Kerry Hewlett reported that the Rec Reserve will hold its AGM on 8th Repair works for roof and guttering have been placed on the Shire’s works program. A number of events are planned, and Kerry will provide information about these events for the website (and possibly Granite News).

    • CFA: John Furlanetto reported positive news about the new tanker and approval for a substantial upgrade to the CFA building, including a new meeting room and new roller doors. There has also been great support through donations from the community.

    • Webpage: As mentioned at the AGM, the new webpage developed by Jacqui Hagen is nearly ready and should go online next week. Cathy Artridge reported that she had an initial meeting with Jacqui and she expects that it will be an easier platform to work on.

    • Walking Track: There is some work remaining on signage and an information board. Finalisation of the walking track is in the hands of Janet and Justus Hagen, and they hope to have it ready for official opening by the end of the year.

    • Sunday Walkers: Justus Hagen reported that Sunday Walks are still happening every first Sunday of the month, meeting 10.00am at the Ruffy Hall. A few wildflower walks are planned this spring, led by Janet Hagen. The President suggested that it would be desirable to put a regular reminder with contact information into the Granite News. To make sure that the walk is on, ring for confirmation.

  2. General Business: None.

  3. Next Meeting: Wednesday, 11th November 2015, 8.00 pm at the Ruffy Hall.

Meeting closed 9.45 pm.

 A nice supper was enjoyed by those present for the quarterly meeting.

Jacqui Hagen